While some turn to body building for the ‘look’, others find it has greater benefits as an overall exercise program – mental and physical.

Once people have taken a look at everything body building has to offer, they are often surprised to find that a regimented weight lifting program can help with different aspects of their life.

Other Benefits of a Good Weight Lifting Program
1. Increase Bone Density – A weight lifting program is an excellent way to help increase bone density. Not only will weight lifting lessen the possibility of stress fractures but also it may help ward off osteoporosis. This is especially important for women.

Running is a very popular exercise and while some would think that a running program is the best way to increase bone density, running has been shown to promote muscle breakdown, while weight lifting (being anabolic- constructive metabolism) helps promote the building of tissues.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a way to increase and preserve your bone mass, weight lifting may be just what you’ve been looking for.

2. Decreased Frequency of Injuries – by strengthening not only muscles but also working connective ligaments and tendons.

3. Reduction of Health Related Risks – a strict weight training program that incudes a good, healthy diet helps the body in insulin resistance, diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease. Thee are some that even think there may be a reduction in the incidences of cancer for those that include a weight lifting program as part of their overall health regime.

4. Prevention of Fat Gain – Good News! The more you weight lift, the more you can eat because your metabolism will increase. If you’re looking to build muscle you’ll need those ‘building blocks’ – amino acids, carbohydrates and good dietary fats – otherwise you’re not going to see much muscle growth.

5. Lowering of Stress – focusing on a weight lifting program can offer an outlet to stress in one’s everyday life. Not only does the attention paid to the exercise program itself offer an alternative to stress but also including a healthy diet as part of the program will provide the body with better nutrition. Better nutrition means you feel better and can be better able to cope with the situations in your life causing the stress.

Just because you’re lifting weights doesn’t mean you’ll end up looking bulky. While weight lifting is part of the equation, it’s the diet that makes the difference as to how your weight lifting program will shape your body.

To take full advantage of everything weight lifting has to offer, as well as increasing your chances for overall long-term good health – make weight lifting part of you life style.