Have you noticed in almost all the bodybuilding pictures – guys and gals – they all have those ripped ab muscles?

Who wouldn’t like to have a defined, popping six-pack? So why is it that when training at the gym, this muscle group doesn’t receive the same treatment – or attention – as the rest of the body? After all, the formula to increasing muscles is the same regardless if you’re working on chest, shoulders or abs.

Four Part Plan to Get Ripped Abs
High intensity weight training
Healthy calories
Prioritize Your Workout
1. We’re all full of enthusiasm when we first get to the gym – so it logically follows that the muscles you work on first receive the most focus and energy. Right?

Therefore, if you’re looking to have ripped abs, make that muscle group your first priority. Don’t leave your ab muscles to the end of your workout when you’re tired and thinking about heading home.

2. You all know that the muscle group that gets trained more has more growth. Assuming you are recovered before beginning the second workout, how often you work your abs, the more they will develop.

Note: The harder you train your abs – the more rest they need. However, if your ab training is not quite so intense, then you can train them more often.

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There are three thoughts to abdominal development:

a. Rehab or injury prevention: train more often with lighter weights (Train 5-7 times a week, light weight, 1-4 sets, 20-30 reps)

b. Muscular and dense: More weight and less frequency. (Train 4 times a week, More weight, 6-12 sets, 8-12 reps)

c. Maintenance: Medium weights and medium frequency. (Train 2-3 times a week, Medium weight, 3-6 sets, 10-20 reps)

If building a sexy six-pack is one of your goals, check back next post when we’ll talk about stretching your ab workout over two days – all based on movement.