They say a picture is worth thousand words – so how many words would you say this video we’re sharing with you is worth?

In today’s episode of LIVE LARGE TV, you’ll see the EXACT lifting speed that you need to use. The same one Vince used to bulk from 214 to 227 lbs which happens to be the SAME lifting speed he’s used to cut 30 lbs of unneeded fat the past 13-weeks.

BEST Lifting Tempo to Make FAST Gains
Plus, in this show you’ll learn:

The #1 reason guys are NOT seeing results in the gym.
How to incorporate KILL MODE training into your program.
A technique Vince learned from someone we know.
Plus- one of Florida’s best transformation experts.
How to adjust your lifting technique to lift your pecs.
And, create an armour-plated chest. (This is good for the ladies too.)