Ready to learn how to workout those abs in two days ?!

This plan splits your abdominal workout up into two days all based on movement per abdonimal body part. We’ll even give you a sample exercise program to help get you started.

Per Vince, “To train your abdominals safely and effectively you must know the basic movement patterns of your abs and train them within all sub-categories…”

4 Abdominal Sub-Categories
Truck Flexion (upper abs)
Hip Flexion (lower abs)
Rotation (obliques)
Lateral Flexion (obliques)”
While most books and articles focus exercising around the upper abs (Trunk Flexion – better known as upper abs), it was written by Bill Star – The Strongest Shall Survive – that abs can be strengthened in a variety of ways . . .

Sit-ups (All types)
Leg raises
Trunk rotation . . .
. . . all these involve your abdominal muscles to a different degree.

If your ab program consists solely of trunk flexion (sit-ups) with your primary goal being a ‘well-defined, sculptured six-pack” you’ll find the ‘Vince DelMonte’s sample ab program’ awesome.

To get you started, we’ve provided a sample abdominal program to break your ab workout up into a 4-day program. And, yes it is a “two-day progam” in that even though you’ll be working out your abs a total of four (4) days a week, you’ll only be performing exercises two (2) days a week per body part.

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Use this guide for body part and then from the lists below select the exercises you want to perform – using different exercises for each workout.

4-Day Schedule:
Day 1: Trunk Flexion; Hip Flexion

Day 2: Rotation; Lateral Flexion

Day 3: Trunk Flexion; Hip Flexion

Day 4: Rotation; Lateral Flexion

Sample Workout:

Day 1: ’Lying Hip Raises’ (Trunk Flexion) and ‘Weighted Cable Crunches’ (Hip Flexion).

Day 2: ‘Russian Twist’ (Rotation); ‘Lateral Flexion on back extension machine’ (Lateral Flexion)

Day 3: ‘Weighted Swiss Ball Crunch’ (Trunk Flexion); Incline Hip Raise (Hip Flexion)

Day 4: ‘Weighted Cable Crossover’ (Rotation); ‘Lateral Flexion with medicine ball and twist’ (Lateral Flexion)

From our sample you can see that we’re working our Trunk & Hips on Days 1 & 3 with Lats and Obliques on Days 2 & 4.

Abdominal Exercise Chart:
Hip Flexion Exercises –

Lying Hip Raise
Incline Hip Raise
Hanging Hip Raise
Trunk Flexion Exercises –

Swiss Ball Crunch
Weighted Swiss Ball Crunch
Weighted Cable Crunch
Rotation Exercises –

Russian Twist
Weighted Russian Twist
Weighted Cable Crossover
Lateral Flexion Exercises –

Lateral Flexion on back extension machine
Lateral Flexion with medicine ball over head
Lateral Flexion with medicine ball and twist
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