Body Building and Weight Training Tips

5 Weight Training Tips

Unfortunately, proper weight training is practiced by few. If it were easy, you’d see many leaner, muscular physiques out on the street. Before you begin weight training, you must learn how to weight train correctly. Before you even think about setting foot in a gym, you must learn these five weight training tips.

1.  Write down a realistic short term and long term goal
2.  Make a commitment to stick to one program for at least 12 weeks
3.  Educate yourself prior to starting
4.  Hire a trainer to teach you proper technique
5.  Focus on gradual progression

Weight Training Tip No. 1: Goal Setting

Who hasn’t heard, “inch-by-inch life is a cinch, yard-by-yard life is hard”? Treat setting your goals the same way. Don’t have expectations of being on some muscle magazine cover in the next few months. Decide how much muscle weight you want to gain in 6 months, then 6 months and 1 year. Come to a decision where you want to ‘finish’ and then work backwards. For example, you want to gain 50 pounds within the next year, then create a plan that would allow you to gain at least 1 pound per week.

Weight Training Tip No. 2: Commitment

What’s the only reason that will cause you to fail? Lack of commitment to your goals will cause you will fail. For this reason, you should do your homework first and find a weight training program that is ideally suited to your specific goals and situation, i.e., time, finances, location. Understand every aspect of the program. If you don’t understand it, contact the creator of the program and get clarifications. There should be no excuses that would cause you to perform the work out the wrong way.

Once you’ve chosen a program, own it, take responsibility for the decision you’ve made and pursue it to the fullest completion of the program. Don’t be someone that tries the program out for 2 or 3 weeks and then decides ‘it’s not working’ . . . so you try another program. Not only does this create a failure attitude but also starts you down the road of a bad habit . . . program hopping.

Weight Training Tip No. 3: Education

Think you know a lot about muscle building? Look at it this way, if you were to teach someone how to convert their ‘now’ body over the next 12 weeks – could you help them? How much do you really know about building muscle? Forget that somebody, can you convert your won body in the next 12 weeks?

If the answer is NO, then you probably don’t have an adequate amount of information about how your body works from a nutritional, training, and recovery stand point. Regardless if you order a book or visit a well though of website – find out everything you possibly can and must know about proper weight training before you start the ‘guessing’ game.

Weight Training Tip No. 4: Proper Technique

Learning the proper technique is paramount. After all, you would try to drill your own teeth assuming you have no knowledge of dentistry. So why do you think you can teach yourself proper weight training techniques if you’re not an award-winning body building? It is amazing how many people jeopardize the health of their ligaments, joints and tendons by signing up for a gym membership thinking they’ll try weight training ‘on their own’, or maybe they think ‘my friend is going to teach me’, or as a last resort they think ‘I’ll just learn by watching others’. Leave your ego at the door, don’t be a cheapskate and hire a reputable fitness trainer. One who can teach you’re the proper and correct weight training technique.

Weight Training Tip No. 5: Progression

“Inch-by-inch life is a cinch. Yard-by-yard life is hard.” Once again this old adage couldn’t be truer. You should approach each workout with this mind-set. After all, your bench press doesn’t have to increase 20 pounds the first week. But what if your bench press went up a consistent 2-1/2 to 5 pounds every week . . . for the next year? That would definitely be some serious strength and muscular gains!

You goal should simply be to out do yourself – workout to workout, week to week. Regardless if you only do one extra rep, one extra set, add an extra 2-1/2 pounds or take a shorter rest period. These are all measurable signs of progress..


Get started on the right foot and make weight training easy. By starting with the above 5 weight training tips, you’ll have a rewarding, fruitful adventure in the gym to look forward to.